AutoCAD 2D/3D


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Course Curriculum

 Introduction to AutoCAD ·         Starting AutoCAD, AutoCAD Dialog Boxes, Starting a New Drawing, Closing a Drawing, Understanding the Concept of sheets
 Getting Started with AutoCAD  ·         Drawing Lines, Erasing object, Drawing Circle, Setting Units, Introduction to plotting drawing
 Starting with the advanced sketching    Arcs, Rectangles, Ellipse, Polygons, Polylines, Donuts, Writing a single line text
Working with drawing aids ·         Understanding the concept and use of layers, working with layers, scale

Editing sketch objects I

·         Editing sketches objects, moving sketches objects, Copying sketches objects, pasting sketches objects, Contents from the clipboard, offsetting sketches objects, Rotating sketches objects, Trimming sketches objects, Extending sketches objects, Stretching sketches objects,Lengthening sketches objects
 Editing sketch objects II ·         Arraying, Mirroring, measuring, dividing, joining, Zooming and panning drawings and aerial view
 Editing dimension and Hatching, plotting drawings ·         Editing dimension and plotting drawings Editing dimensions, modifying the dimensions, editing dimension text ,Plotting drawing, hatching, Hatching drawings using the tool palettes
Isometric drawings ·         Isometric drawing, drawing isometric circles ,isometric text
Getting started with 3D ·         Starting three dimensional modeling environment in Auto Cad, uses of 3D
 Project  ·           Project with Industry case studies

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